Ballroom Dancing


Dancing Couple




WHY:  It’s Fun!!  Come learn to swing your partner around the dance floor with grace and style.  You’ll love it!!  


WHEN:   Monday Evenings

    6 – 7 p.m.   Beginning

    7 - 8  p.m.   Intermediate



Thursday Evenings  

        6 - 7  p.m.   Intermediate

        7 - 8  p.m.   Beginning



WHERE:                    The Aerie Ballroom   219 S. Tower Ave  Centralia, WA


COST:                        $35/month for singles or $55/month for couples


REGISTRATION:    Call The Aerie at (360) 807-1212 or come to a class


INSTRUCTOR:         Ms. Marie Kiser  -  Advanced Instructor


Ms. Kiser has been an Advanced Instructor for the world famous Arthur Murray Studios and Fred Astaire Studios in Seattle.  She holds Associate standing with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing as well as Gold Level Teacher credentials.   Ms. Kiser has guided her students to award winning finishes at the national level and has been honored with Regional Top Teacher recognition for these efforts.